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Who we are

Zumoko is an augmented reality research and development company specialized in 3D object localization. We have developed a proprietary Zumoko CAD Model Detection and tracking technology for HoloLens™ that enables adding virtual AR content in the exact physical position where it is needed.

Our company experts have a thorough understanding, insight and technical knowledge regarding key computer vision algorithms that form the foundation of the augmented reality technology. This allows us to engineer optimal software solutions and successfully tackle the most challenging use cases.

Our expertise

CAD Model Detection and Tracking
Augmented Reality
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Head mounted displays
Cross-platform software development

CAD Model Detection and Tracking


Zumoko CAD DT

Zumoko CAD Model Detection and Tracking (Zumoko CAD DT) is the world-first 3D object localization software based on CAD data for Microsoft® HoloLens™.

Zumoko CAD DT successfully combines and integrates best-in-class AR hardware with our robust object detection algorithms to provide outstanding technology for 3D object localization.



Ideation and Consultancy

Develop your idea and make the maximum impact with the innovative AR technology. Leverage our insight and aim for disruptive solutions.


Rapid prototyping is our strength. Bring your ideas to reality and reach the market before the competition.


Our 2D and 3D experts provide top-notch UI/UX designs, custom 3D models and 2D/3D animations.


Complete software solutions tailored for your needs. Software development for all major software (Android, iOS, Win, MacOS) and hardware platforms (mobile, desktop, AR glasses). Back-end development: APIs, servers and databases.

Augmented and Virtual Reality for your industry


Powerful "wow" effect! Engage with new audiences and create excitement about your brand.

Printed media and education

Add new layer of digital content to magazines and books. Engage your readers with exciting 3D models and animations, video materials, games etc.

Inspection and Maintenance

Leverage the power of AR in the industrial setting. Present complex inspection and maintenance scenarios in form of 3D models and animations overlaid over the physical objects of interest.

Tourism, Culture, Art

On the spot AR guidance, points of interest, monument augmentations and descriptions, innovative solutions for museums and galleries.


Augmented Reality catalogues for your products. Enable user to try and and see your products in real space in any physical environment.

Architecture Visualization

Client immersion in the digital models of exterior and interior of buildings. Finished or under construction. Effective visualization and innovative marketing tool.

Our partners