Benefits of augmented reality in the manufacturing

  • Employee productivity via time-reduction: 15%-50%
  • Reduction of errors: almost 0
  • Increased quality

How ıt Works:

  • Hands-free operations via deployment of augmented reality glasses
  • Just in time information
  • Attached 3D information to a physical object

Manufacturing industry with augmented reality smart glasses 

Maintenance and training

Maintenance instructions and assembly instructions tasks can be significantly accelerated by the deployment of AR solutions for augmented reality glasses (Microsoft HoloLens, ODG, etc).

Operators can see structured 3D information in front of their eyes, while they are having their hands free.

Instructions are attached to the associated position on the physical object of interest and they are presented to the operator as a sequence of operational tasks.

Once the sequence is completed, the operator can automatically submit a report and proceed with another operation.

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Remote Assistance

AR Remote Assistance resembles “3D Skype”. AR remote assistance enables different modes of direct communication: on-site, anytime and anywhere, between an operator on one side and expert on the other.

With augmented reality technology, the expert can understand the problem rapidly by looking “through the eyes” of the operator and can guide the operator to solve the problem step by step.

This can involve sending drawings, documents or videos to the operator. Most importantly expert can add 3D markings to the environment of the operator, and essentially lead the operator through the process.

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Factory Operations Technology

AR assists operations to provide a significant ROI in an assembly of complex devices that are performed by workers. In assembly or wiring operations, operators commonly use instructions in form of tables and 2D drawings. This involves first looking for an information and then mapping 2D information to a 3D physical object. This part of the process can be completely avoided by the deployment of Zumoko AR industrial solutions.

Workers are provided by 3D info on the physical object itself, step by step, which leads to a significant reduction of time needed to perform an operation. Additional benefit besides the time reduction is the reduction of errors. Our customers have reported up to 50%-time savings in assembly operations with our AR solutions.

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Our clients have reported a 15% to 50% time savings with the deployment of AR-enabled software.

Various industrial operations are performed by employees that rely purely on 2d drawings, either printed or presented electronically. Workers then need to map visual information from paper to physical object.

This can be time-consuming and it can introduce errors. This especially applies to visual quality control tasks, maintenance, and assembly instructions. These tasks can be significantly accelerated by the deployment of AR solutions for augmented reality glasses.

The users can see 3D information in front of their eyes while having their hands free. Information is directly attached to a physical object of interest and is usually shown in sequential steps. This way employees can concentrate on a specific task and perform a complete scenario step-by-step without a need to refer to the paper-based instructions.

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Step into the Industry 4.0. Zumoko industrial augmented reality software provides cost time savings in various industrial use-cases.

The highest ROI is achieved in AR assisted maintenance instructions and employee training, quality control, assembly operations, wiring operations and remote assistance.

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