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The way we AR!

We provide innovative Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions with measurable cost benefits. Save time and money by reducing work-hours needed to perform complex tasks. With latest AR and VR technology Zumoko delivers outstanding results for clients in various industries.

  • Zumoko CAD DT

    The world’s 1st solution for 3D object detection and tracking based on the CAD data input for Microsoft HoloLens. ZUMOKO CAD DT is a cutting-edge technology for AR real-time solutions in manufacturing, maintenance and industrial training. Employees can better perform if they have the information they need in front of their eyes and both hands-free
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  • Interactive Prints

    Add a new dimension of content on traditional printed materials such as 3D video and animations. Present your products or services in an advanced way. Zumoko proprietary technology enables rapid development of high-quality AR/VR brochure applications for all major software platforms. We take printed materials and make them WALK and TALK!
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  • ARchitecture Visualization

    Architecture Visualization (ArchViz) Software enables architects, construction engineers, and planners to abandon rolls of drawings, flat pieces of papers and switch to a live, 3D model showcase presentations placed in a real-world environment.
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  • AR for Arts and Culture

    Augmented Reality enable museums and galleries to bring their collections to life. AR guides solution creates augmented reality experiences for visitors of different age and preferences, from children and tech savvy millennials to fine arts audience, anyone owning a smartphone or a tablet.
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  • AR Tourist Guide

    Use augmented reality as tourist guide solution for interactive, real- time and easier navigation and attraction. Create more informative and interactive specific points of interest for tourist and visitors. Extend the amount of displayed information and access to relevant data.
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