Zumoko Team consists of experienced AR / MR / VR engineers that provide top quality software development services for all major platforms: Microsoft HoloLens, Android, iOS and desktop platforms. We provide turn-key solutions including software and content development.

Zumoko has a long experience in general AR and VR development in marketing and branding; cultural tourism; architecture and real estate; education; medical and health and other industries.

We have developed our own technology for 3D object tracking for Microsoft HoloLensZumoko CAD DT. Zumoko CAD DT is a perfect fit for industrial maintenance and instructions AR applications and use-cases. Zumoko CAD DT can be used on the shop floor, for industrial maintenance and for industrial learning and instructions, user manuals and other user guides, as well as the marketing and advertising of highly advanced technologies.


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Zumoko Expertise

  • AR / MR / VR provider to serve the complete AR value chain catering customers

    in professional AR/VR

  • Advanced proprietary
    engineering –
    for rapid and cost-effective solution development

  • More than
    successfully completed

  • Zumoko Team

    Zumoko experts have a thorough understanding, insight and technical knowledge regarding key computer vision algorithms that form the foundation of the augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality technologies. This allows us to engineer optimal software solutions and successfully tackle the most challenging use cases.

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    Join our team to work on development of Augmented Reality applications for iOS, Android and HoloLens platforms