AR / VR cross-platform solutions allow architecture, engineering and construction professionals numerous redesign options and a high level of customization of blueprints. Zumoko AR / VR provides architecture visualization instruments to display real estate properties, buildings, and apartments as augmented 3D models in full scale and on-site to clients. 

AR and VR technology allows on-site visualization of the houses and buildings for potential customers even before the construction starts. Representing real estate as a 3D model in real environment helps clients get an accurate idea of how the property would look like in the exact physical space with surroundings, which accelerates the decision-making process and improves the ability to pre-sell projects.

Adding new AR and VR dimensions to your real estate print brochures, ads in newspapers or magazines make them more interactive with multimedia content — videos, renderings, 3D models, and animations.

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Benefits for Architecture and Real Estate

On-site visualization

  • 3D models in real environment ahead of project start
  • speeds up the decision-making process
  • improves the ability to pre-sell projects
  • interaction – user can move around and feel the space

Improving customer experience

  • interactive virtual experiences
  • more customization options
  • accelerates the sales process

Improving design phase

  • cost-effective through easier maneuver with numerous redesign options of blueprints
  • time-saving through quick iteration
  • greater customization

Real estate marketing and advertising

  • showcase projects as 3D Models or 360 photo tours
  • delivering visual, customizable proposals to clients
  • faster decision making in the buying process

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