With Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions large sets of vital medical and health information can be delivered to medical practitioners and patients at the right time and place, improving the overall patient care and experience. For example, presenting diagnostic data from CT and MRI scans using the advanced audio-visual content.

It also allows students and medical practitioners to interactively learn and practice skills within the virtual setting. Hands-on procedures can be performed in a risk-free and controlled environment, improving the quality and the speed of training and the reducing costs of medical education programs.

Zumoko AR for printed materials can also be utilized in the medical field by combining 2D/3D data, sound effects or embedded videos which help to educate medical practitioners and patients on new therapies and drugs.

AR visualization provides an illustration of different “what if” scenarios in plastic surgery, enabling patients to see in 3D the planned changes on their own body in life-like form. This helps improve the consultation process between doctors and patients, as well as patient experience and satisfaction.

AR use cases and benefits for Medical and Health

Medical Training and Education

  • improving the quality and the speed of training
  • reducing costs of medical education programs
  • rapidly gain relevant knowledge
  • understand complex concepts

Plastic Surgery

  • different “what if” scenarios
  • improved consultation process
  • improved patient experience and satisfaction


“In 2018, we are witnessing a sharp rise in medical technology - an industry estimated to be worth $467bn in 2020. The rise in AR and virtual reality apps have only served the change in the market, with many realising the revolutionary potential of technology.”


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