Real Museums and Galleries

AR for Arts and Culture empowers a more entertaining and informative way for cultural Institutions to engage their audience by adding visual sensations as a new layer of interaction. Augmented reality allows the creation of virtual guides in form of 3D animated or photorealistic characters, which empowers all visitors to experience exhibitions through interactive and more personal virtual tours.

Zumoko framework enriches static objects in their exact physical space by adding 3D models and animations, custom sound and visual effects to displayed artworks.

Additional AR content is also easily shareable on social media in real time, which also lifts audience experience, rises attendance and provides curation staff with direct feedback on the exhibition’s impact and reach.

AR for Arts and Culture Solutions

Augmented Reality (AR) is an innovative technology which allows various media content, animation, 3D models, videos, to be placed into the real environment, and enable museums and galleries to bring their collections to life. AR guides solution creates versatile and effective experiences for visitors of different age and preferences, from children and tech-savvy millennials to fine arts audience, anyone owning a smartphone or a tablet.

Zumoko AR for Arts and Culture is the suitable solution for:

  • Audiovisual guides
  • Virtual tours
  • 360 photorealistic tours
  • Displaying artworks from a depot
  • 3D Reconstruction of items
  • Presenting inner workings or mechanisms of vintage devices

With your ideas and our expertise, Zumoko brings new dimensions into reality with custom-made augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) cross-platform solutions. Extend your business strategy with mixed reality (MR) solutions, tailored to your needs to reach your business goals. Engage with new audiences and create excitement about your product or brand!

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Your Benefits

  • Creating interactive digital storytelling

  • Attracting visitors

  • Extending the amount of displayed information

  • Complementing exhibitions and collections with digital content

  • Creating more educating and entertaining audience experience

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