Zumoko brings the AR in Architecture! 

Architecture Visualization (ArchViz) Software enables architects, construction engineers, and planners to abandon rolls of drawings, flat pieces of papers and switch to a live, 3D model showcase presentations placed in a real-world environment. Augmented reality software for architects eliminates location and time restrictions and lets you collaborate with other architects in your office or across the world, or take your clients on a virtual tour.

  • Architecture Visualization available on all devices

  • Architecture Visualization ( ArchViz ) Software Solution

    Architecture Visualization (ArchViz) Software for Microsoft Hololens developed by Zumoko, enables architects to abandon rolls of drawings, flat pieces of papers and computer screens with blueprints and switch to a live, 3D model placed in a real-world environment. Blueprints are presented as 3D holograms which can be manipulated and interacted with in multiple ways. It is possible to rotate, move and scale the design, present multiple variations of the design, shortening the iteration to save time, taking notes, saving screenshots and videos.


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    Zumoko HoloLens Architecture Visualization Software

    Zumoko developed HoloLens Architecture Visualization Software which presents architectural plans as 3D Hologram models. It allows you to maneuver and interact with design details of your projects. Users can navigate freely through the models: iterate quickly and save time, present multiple variations of the same design, experience 1:1 full-scale Holograms prior to construction, walk around life-sized models in real time, Take notes. Save screenshots and videos.

    This software is the proper solution for:

    • Visualization of future property in full scale and in the exact location before construction
    • Interaction – user can move around and feel the space
    • Improving design phase – trough easier maneuver, numerous redesign options of blueprints
    • Presenting projects as 3D Models or 360 photo tours
    • Cross-industry collaboration
    • Delivering visual, customizable proposals to clients

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    Your Benefits

  • Greater customization

  • Speeds up decision making process

  • Engaging customers through digital touring

  • Cost reduction and time-saving for creating prototypes

  • Increase quality of customer experience

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