Augmented Reality – New chapter in advertising


Marketing and Advertising with AR presents one of the hottest and exciting trends in the industry.

Cross-platform AR solutions are recognized as an innovative and creative way of connecting and increasing engagement with customers and creating a powerful brand impression.

Extend your business strategy with Zumoko AR solutions tailored to your needs. Reach your business goals, engage with new audiences and create excitement about your brand!

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Interactive Printed Materials


Enrich the experience of your printed materials such as magazines, flyers, brochures, posters, or even billboards with augmented reality technology! Present your products or services in an advanced and captivating manner.

Drive interaction and add a new dimension of content to print advertising with digital messages, videos, and 3D animations.

Create campaigns that educate, inspire and engage. Zumoko proprietary technology enables rapid development of high-quality augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) brochure applications for all major software platforms. We take printed materials and make them walk and talk!

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AR apps for Events

Products or service demonstrations are one of the major parts of every promotional event.

With unique AR experience, you can attract people to your booth, capture their focus and present your offering.

Create engaging showcases for events, meetups, and trade show exhibitions.

Engage your target audience with more personalized, shareable and visually enriched digital presentation. Initiate positive word-of-mouth by entertaining attendees with games related to your offer.

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Retail with AR apps


Use the power of AR technology to make your product or packaging come to life, by adding rich virtual content in form of videos, graphics, 3D animations and effects.

Display discounts and special offers when and where it is needed.

Stimulate consumer – product bonding – connection through effective 3D visualization and storytelling, and ultimately – finally accelerate the purchase decision process.

Furthermore, a customer can use AR apps to visualize true-size household products and furniture in its own home or try on clothes from virtual stores.

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AR Location-based Campaigns

Outdoor advertising campaigns can incorporate AR, create a great buzz on the street and generate impressive social media coverage.

With AR technology, promotional, informative or other specific content, will be delivered on specific time or location.

You can combine your brand presentation with navigation and maps, accommodation possibilities, transportation options or restaurant tips and reviews.

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Let’s create marketing strategy with Augmented Reality.

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