augmented reality in education - benefits

Advantages of Augmented Reality Apps for Education

The AR – augmented reality in education will soon affect the conventional learning process. AR has the potential to change location or time and to introduce new ways and methods. AR technology can make classes more engaging and information easier to understand and memorize. You can’t recruit all students into science, but you can make them be interested in your subject. That’s where you can apply AR!

Adding digital AR content to traditional learning materials helps improve learning in key areas – student’s comprehension, memory, concentration, accordance, interactivity, imagination, and problem–solving. AR visualization works better than photos with the text description. Augmented reality animated content in classroom lessons could catch students’ attention in our dynamic age, as well as motivate them to study. It is also not limited to a single age group or level of education and can be used equally well in all levels of schooling: from pre-school education up to college, or even at work.

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Augmented Reality in Education Examples

Bring Science to Life with AR

Teacher’s goal is to help each, and every student reaches their full potential and makes them understand the micro-worlds that are not visible to a naked eye. Elementary school students’ imaginative abilities are not yet mature.

AR can provide digital information about any subject and make complex information easier to understand, it can explain every abstract and difficult concept thanks to its ability to present the objects that are hard to imagine.

For example, AR offers to chemistry students to see and interact with 3D molecular models in a direct way.

As AR combines elements of the real-world and virtual environments, it can be used as a conversion between a two-dimensional paper map and three-dimensional real-world scenes in the learning and teaching of map reading in Geography lessons


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Augmented Reality in Medical Education

AR / VR apps can provide realistic visualization of complex model and concepts. For example, augmented reality healthcare education apps can show step-by-step to a medical student a virtual bone system which provides a 3D anatomical model of the human temporal bone and it allows a student to manipulate the interactive 3D model including anatomical structures, major organs, and systems of the human body.

A modern teacher can also use a tablet to activate scenarios that students will see through reality glasses. Simulation provides effective learning experiences in groups or alone, it is interactive and is more effective because one can immediately see the consequences of one’s actions.

Can you imagine that surgical students can perform computer simulations of operations that look and sound very, very real?


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Historical Events Right in Front of Students Eyes

Augmented reality teaching and classroom learning also have a great potential in bringing history to life via multimedia content in the mobile device. Every student would like to see historical events right in front of his eyes on the exact location, to go to a virtual tour, or to get up close and personal with primary sources like they never have before.

Augmented reality educational apps don’t necessarily require any expensive hardware investments by university or school. Most teenagers to young adults currently own smartphones or tablets so AR technology is immediately available for use.

Teachers manage to catch the attention of students and motivate them better, while students get new tools to visualize their subjects and complex lessons, as well as obtain practical skills.


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