Initiate memorable traveler experiences in tourism and culture locations with augmented reality for tourism. Create interactive digital storytelling in museums and galleries by complementing exhibitions and collections with augmented reality technology to enrich audience experience. AR enriches static objects in their exact physical space by adding 3D models and animations, custom sound and visual effects. Furthermore, AR allows the creation of virtual guides in form of 3D animated characters, which empowers all visitors to experience exhibitions through interactive and more personal virtual tours. It helps saving exhibition space and extends the amount of displayed information, which enhances visitor satisfaction and initiates positive word of mouth and higher attendance and awareness. Additional AR content is also easily shareable on social media in real time, which also lifts audience experience, rises attendance and provides curation staff with direct feedback on the exhibition’s impact and reach. Adding a layer of guidance, content, and entertainment to exact physical location allows making specific points of interest more informative and interactive for tourists. Maps, historical and cultural content in different languages can be integrated to create real-time tourist guide and navigation viewed through the phone camera.

AR use cases and benefits: Augmented Reality for Tourism


Museums and Galleries


  • complementing current exhibitions and collections with digital content
  • saving exhibition space
  • extending the amount of displayed information
  • attracting visitors
  • interactive digital storytelling
  • a more educating and entertaining audience experience

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Tourist Attractions


  • creating more informative and interactive specific points of interest for tourists
  • extending the amount of displayed information
  • real-time tourist guide
  • easier navigation
  • access to relevant information

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  • create 3D reconstructions
  • visualize and explore findings
  • attracting visitors
  • full visualization of findings at archaeological sites
  • increased awareness

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“It is the curse of every curious traveler -- you're walking through a new town and you can sense the history, you can smell the restaurant, you can hear the train you're meant to catch, but you have no idea how to get there or discover more. Thank God for augmented reality.”

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