Zumoko Education and Learning AR Solutions can improve learning in key areas – student’s comprehension, interactivity and problem–solving.

Augmented Reality (AR) education and learning solutions introduce augmented 3D models which help students visualize complex and abstract data to achieve deeper understanding and increase knowledge retention by reinforcing those concepts with the interactive cross platforms apps. Theoretically based education and learning classroom approach often leaves students with not enough skills, experience or practice. Millennials have been struggling with out-of-date, traditional teaching methods often finding themselves overwhelmed with hard-to-understand theoretical concepts. AR is a perfect tool for the object modeling, allowing learners to perceive how a given item would look in different settings. Models can be created very quickly and then customized. This provides the immediate visual response to the designs and ideas in a way that allows students to recognize differences or problems that need to be addressed. Adding digital AR content to traditional learning materials can improve learning in key areas – student’s comprehension, memory, concentration, accordance, interactivity, imagination, and problem–solving.

Use cases and benefits of AR Education and Learning

Interactive books

  • cost saving due to the ability to create digital course materials and models
  • improving learning process
  • easy access to course materials and models anywhere and at any time

Skills training

  • cost and time saving through a shorter training process
  • improving hands-on experience

Game-based Learning

  • personalized learning program
  • the learning process is faster, entertaining and easier


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Explain abstract and difficult concepts

  • visualization of complex and abstract data
  • increased knowledge acquisition
  • increased knowledge retention

Objects modeling

  • observe a given item in different settings
  • more flexibility in a development phase
  • time-saving with quick changes and adjustments
  • improve learners problem-solving skills and critical thinking
  • improving skills training


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“As long as the students have tablets or smartphones, the educator can create interactive experiences in augmented reality without the need to write complex code. AR makes the personalised learning system more relevant and accurate. It allows the students to visualise different concepts in real time and interact with them in the digital world. It makes knowledge more accessible through experiential learning opportunities.”
- Lilly Moore, a technology expert for Best Dissertation

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