Marketing and Branding campaigns with print media and social media continuously adapt and evolve using virtual technologies with a goal of maintaining a competitive edge. Use the power of augmented and virtual reality technology to create unique, interactive content which lets you reach a broader audience, capture their attention and ultimately increase the sales. Add video, graphics, animation and 3D effects to your mobile advertising, product catalogs or product packaging, and make them come to life. Create engaging marketing campaigns at events, meetups and trade show exhibitions for your target audience with more personalized, shareable and visually enriched AR digital content. Strategically combining augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) technology with your existing marketing efforts gives you an opportunity to increase sales funnel success rates and multiply your sales channels. You can interact with your customers in real-time by merging real and virtual world.

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Marketing campaigns and Print Media

  • Improving reach to consumers
  • affecting their purchase intentions
  • demonstrate product features
  • improve brand awareness
  • repeated purchases
  • faster decision making in the buying process
  • a highly personalized content

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On-site, Events and Trade Shows

  • visualization of products
  • engage visitors on the spot
  • positive word-of-mouth
  • entertaining, interactive and memorable experience

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“Over the last few years, augmented reality has gone through a renaissance. The technology that overlays virtual objects over real-world settings has made major strides entering mainstream usage. As innovation has made AR much more accessible to the masses, brands have taken notice. There have been a handful of companies that have gotten creative utilizing AR technology in their marketing strategy.”

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