Augmented Reality, Interactive Print, Comic Book Design


Ministry of Culture and Communication of the Republic of Serbia


Augmented Reality development, Android mobile development, iOS mobile development, 2D and 3D special effects, Unity3d, SparkAR

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This is a story about the miraculous discovery of a treasure hidden in the fields of Srem. In the turbulent times of the fourth century, in Pannonia, the province of the Roman Empire, a soldier buried three gilded helmets, believing that he will return for them. They were buried in the ground until they were found by farmers in their fields… seventeen centuries later. How did they get there? What was the fate of soldiers who wore them? How powerful was an empire whose officers received those lavish, gilded and jewelled helmets as a gift? Read and experience: an interactive comic book in augmented reality: How did the helmet get into granny’s garden?

Seventeen centuries ago soldier’s treasure was buried. Imagine the discovery of helmets in the village of Berkasovo and the bloody battle that preceded their burial. Feel the surprise of a grower who finds a gilded jug and experience the restoration of a helmet from small parts discovered in it.

Golden helmet is an educational AR app. The app revives the comic book, while interactive elements show restoration of one helmet and the evolution of the helmets through time. The user’s environment is enhanced with different 2D animations, 3D animations, particle effects, audio effects, embedded video etc. Selfies can also be taken and shared on Facebook or Instagram. Users can try different filters and take a picture with various helmets from different eras. Selfie scene contains 8 different filters arranged in chronological order:

  1. Mycenaean Helmet, 10th century BC
  2. Spartan helmet, 7th century BC
  3. Celtic Helmet, 3rd – 2nd centuries BC
  4. Roman helmet, middle of the 1st century AD
  5. Roman helmet, beginning of the 4th century
  6. French helmet, 1555–1560
  7. Prussian helmet, 19th century
  8. American Helmet, WWII

The Roman Collection is one of the most beautiful collections of the Museum of Vojvodina, known by the three luxurious helmets from the 4th century AD. Consisting of different objects from the Roman era, it leads the visitor to the time of the Roman conquests, the border on the Danube – the so-called limes, urban and socioeconomic development of the Province of Pannonia, art, religion, settlements and necropolises.