Augmented Reality, Interactive Print, Comic Book Design


Ministry of Culture and Communication of the Republic of Serbia


Augmented Reality development, Android mobile development, iOS mobile development, 2D and 3D special effects, Unity3d, SparkAR

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Stories about discoveries of the gilded helmets and historical events related to them, are represented through the interactive comic book and the Augmented Reality application “Golden Helmet”. The App revives the comic book, while interactive elements show restoration of the one helmet and the evolution of the helmets through time. Selfies can also be taken and shared on Facebook or Instagram.

The Roman Collection is one of the most beautiful collections of the Museum of Vojvodina, known by the three luxurious helmets from the 4th century AD. Consisting of different objects from the Roman era, it leads the visitor to the time of the Roman conquests, the border on the Danube – the so-called limes, urban and socioeconomic development of the Province of Pannonia, art, religion, settlements and necropolises.