Augmented Reality, Microsoft HoloLens, Industry 4.0, Installation instructions, Maintenance


Augmented Reality development, Microsoft HoloLens, Unity3d, MRTK, 2D and 3D Animation

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HoloLens Virtual Tutor project features installation and maintenance instructions for thermal pumps. Using our tool new workers can learn how to install and maintain thermal pumps rapidly. The software can be also used in the field for faster installation planning. In general, maintenance instructions and assembly instructions tasks can be significantly accelerated by the deployment of AR solutions for augmented reality glasses. Operators can see structured 3D information in front of their eyes, while they are having their hands free. Instructions are attached to the associated position on the physical object of interest and they are presented to the operator as a sequence of operational tasks. Once the sequence is completed, the operator can automatically submit a report and proceed with another operation. In the resources section, operator can view additional documentation, videos and drawings. To gain a better understanding, operator can view and explore internal components of a device in 3D. When necessary, operator can initiate a live call with a remote expert. Expert can guide the operator in successful task completion using live 3d markup.