Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, 3D Character Animation, Video Production


Museum of Vojvodina


Android, Unity3d

Date released:

Project description:

Museum eKnowAll (aka Muzejska eSveznalica) is an AR mobile application that guides visitors through the exhibition using digital storytelling. Animated characters Mia, Božidar, and Curator of the Museum are telling some of the most interesting museum stories suitable for children from 5 to 10 years. The application contains interactive quiz giving visitors the role of researchers of the cultural heritage presented in the Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad.

Walking through the permanent exhibition visitors can discover how Vojvodina looked like and how people lived here from the Stone ages until the 20th century.

Users can also try the app at home with the brochure. The app contains intro scene and 10 AR scenes:



3D characters are telling the story about life in prehistory with 3D animations, 2D animations, transparent video and audio effects.

Restoration process is explained, and users are presented with an interactive task to mark which part of the vessel is missing.



Character animation with narration is enhanced with 3D models of prehistoric jewelry, transparent video and audio effects.

After the story of toys and jewelry, users can interactively connect prehistoric toys with their present versions.



This is a story about golden helmets. User’s environment is enhanced with audio-visual effects such as 3D animations, 2D animations and audio effects.

As a bonus, users can take a selfie with gilded Roman helmet from 4th century.



Mia, Božidar and curator are talking about handwritten books.

In interactive scene, users have a task to pick one of three 3D models and answer questions about techniques of writing handwritten books.



By scanning the target in the museum starts a story about the means of transportation. In front of the carriage exhibit appears 3D animated horse with particle and audio effects.

In related interactive scene, users have a task to mark 3D animated means of transport people used before the car.



3D animated characters are telling the story about old crafts and craftsmen. Audio-visual effects such as transparent video, 2D animations, 3D models and audio effects are presented to the user.

In educational scene, users are presented with a task to link the name of the craftsman with 3D model of object he has made.



This is a story about traditional houses in Vojvodina.

Interactive scene contains a small game where users have a task to find two houses which are identical.



Our animated guides are discussing and learning about farming and animal husbandry. This scene contains 2D animations, 3D animations, embedded video and audio effects.

In educative interactive part, users have a task to link 3D models of tools with their names.



In this AR scene, our guides talk about oil lamps and how people lived before the electricity was discovered.

Interactive scene contains a small discovery game, where users have a description of the lamp and they need to identify the corresponding 3D model of a lamp.



Virtual curator is talking about women’s headwear as a part of the folk costume accompanied with suitable 2D effects and audio effects.

In interactive scene, various 3D models of hats appear. Users have a task to mark the intruder.