Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Video Production, 3D modeling, Animation


National Museum Zrenjanin


Android, iOS, Unity3d

Date released:

Project description:

Museum Visions app offers an unorthodox walk through the National Museum of Zrenjanin.

Museum Visions is an AR mobile application enabling visitors to revive different objects from the exhibition of the museum and to learn a little bit more about them. The application contains “Take a selfie” button giving visitors the opportunity to share the experience with their friends.

The Museum Visions app contains 6 scenes:



The story about the painting “Defile Spahija” painted by the Hungarian artist Pal Vago. This scene contains different 2D effects, particle effects and audio effects. As a bonus, users can take a selfie with the Hungarian hat from the painting.



Zlatovez was a special style of decorating folk costumes with golden wires in the area of Central Banat at the end of the nineteenth century. The most famous are Serbian hats “zlatare” and “džege” and Romanian caps, known as “zlate” or “tulbenti”.

With Museum Visions app users can navigate through a list of stories presented by a live scale interactive AR actress, accompanied by a set of educative 2D and 3D animations. Further, users can take a selfie with each of the presented hats and share them on social media accounts.



Tivadar Vanjek presents a gift, the collection – ” Windows of friendship” which consisted of 36 paintings that the artist dedicated to painters, cultural and public workers, as well as his friends who contributed to the emergence and development of painted art in Zrenjanin.

This AR scene includes five paintings representing five windows. By scanning paintings users can virtually see inside of them in 3D. Elements of paintings are animated and enhanced with different effects such as 2D effects, 3D effects and particle effects.

Within the experience activated on the painting dedicated to Aleksandar Lukijan Luković users can interactively switch between AR and VR scenes. Within the VR scene users can discover paintings of Aleksandar Lukijan Luković in the starry sky 360 environment.



Interactive AR interpretation of the painting Vision in the clouds painted by the famous Serbian artist Uroš Predić. By scanning different parts of the painting using Museum Visions app, users can learn more about motifs and ideas presented by the painter.



The painting of “An Evelyn”, of the unknown author, dates back to the 18th century. During the first restoration works on purification, it was discovered that clothes on “Evelyn” portrait were subsequently painted over during the 19th century.

Due to the complexity of the procedure, the further treatment of the painting is suspended. It can be noticed that there is one older painted layer under the portrait of the cardinal. By scanning the picture using the CT hospital scanner, it was uncovered that the painting below is a portrait of the Pope Clement XIII, possibly dating back from 17th century.

With Museum Visions app, users can learn more about the restoration process, and slide through 4 different layers of the painting. First layer is the layer of the painting before the restoration process. Second layer is the first uncovered layer, while third layer is the one discovered using the CT scanning. The last layer that can be discovered in this interactive AR scene, is the layer of the how the original painting possibly looked like created by embedding one of the existing Pope Clement XIII portraits.



This AR scene tells about history of the monument of King Peter in Great Beckerek, nowadays Zrenjanin. It contains 2D special effects, particle effects and audio effects.

As a bonus, users can take a selfie with the crown of the King Peter.



Music for scene “Zlatovez”:

  • Traditional dance music „Lidana“, Melenci
  • Instruments: Branko Palić, Igor Adamov, Marinko Fridl, Nikola Pavlov, Savica Mirčetić
  • Recorded in Melenci on 11th May, 1990
  • Recorded by: prof. dr Dimitrije Golemović
  • Published on the CD: An Anthology of Serbian Folk Music

List of artwork used in the application for the scene “Windows of friendship” from the Gallery of Fine Arts – Gift Collection of Rajko Mamuzić:

  1. Portrait of Milan Popović, 1956. – oil on canvas
  2. Clown in the arena, 1957. – oil on canvas
  3. Party of clowns, 1959. – oil on canvas
  4. The clown and the girl, 1957. – oil on canvas
  5. The clown with a candle, 1959. – oil on canvas
  6. Magic of size, 1958. – oil on canvas
  7. Studies for the painting Clown with sunflower, 1955. – felt pen on paper
  8. Drawing for the map of Clowns lithographs, 1955. – felt pen on paper

List of artwork used in the application for the scene “Windows of friendship” from the Contemporary Gallery of Art Colony Ecka Zrenjanin:

  1. Bogomil Karlavaris (1924 – 2010), Motive from Ečka (The Road), 1959 – oil on canvas
  2. Milan Konjović (1898 – 1993), Piles on the outskirts of the village , 1956 – oil on fiberboard
  3. Aleksandar Luković Lukijan (1924 – 2014), Clown with the wooden horse, 1956 – oil on canvas
  4. Ivan Tabaković (1898 – 1977), The Moonlight, 1958 – oil on fiberboard