Virtual Reality, Oculus Quest 2, Construction Industry, Health & safety education


SkillTransmission BV


Unity, Virtual Reality development, Character modeling, rigging and animation, Lipsync

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Project description:

VR Construction Health & Safety Training app is a game-changing, realistic and interactive VR training tool. VR Construction Health & Safety Training app is developed using cross-platform development environment Unity, targeting specifically Oculus Quest 2 VR glasses.
App contains one large 3d construction site environment in which all the user scenarios are being played out. The environment is optimized in terms of poly-count, materials, textures and shaders to provide optimal quality / speed performance on the target hardware. 3d-wise, app also contains two 3d humanoid tutors that present the curriculum to the users. 3d tutors are fully rigged and animated, including body, face animations and lip-sync for each of the lessons. Inside environment there are also other 3d humanoid worker avatars that are put into different hazard situations to emphasize the health and safety dangers at the construction site.