Entire buildings can be used as trigger points

Augmented reality tourist guide initiates memorable visitor experience on tourist sites with augmented reality technology. Adding a layer of guidance, content and entertainment to the exact physical location allows for making custom made specific POI more informative and interactive for tourists. Maps, historical and cultural content in different languages can be integrated to create real-time tourist guide viewed through the phone camera. Allow your visitors to receive captivating information while walking around and provide them with the personal virtual guide. Strike useful information when and where it’s needed.

AR Augmented Reality Tourist Guide Solution

The location and the time could be used as markers for augmented reality technology, same as objects or images. Informative or other specific content will be delivered in the chosen format to the visitor’s smartphone on specific time or location. Zumoko AR Tourist Guide solutions include dynamics with delivered up-to-date and real-time content with simple navigation. As associated with social networks AR Tourist guide solution provides feedbacks and visitors valuable discussions on related content.

 Zumoko AR Tourist Guide is a suitable solution for:

  • creating more informative and interactive specific POI
  • visually rich search mechanism for relevant data
  • travel planning
  • navigation and maps
  • accommodation possibilities
  • transportation options
  • restaurant tips and reviews

With your ideas and our expertise, Zumoko brings new dimensions into reality with custom-made augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) cross-platform solutions. Extend your business strategy with mixed reality (MR) solutions, tailored to your needs to reach your business goals. Engage with new audiences and create excitement about your product or brand!


Your Benefits

  • Real-time tourist guide

  • Extending the amount of displayed information

  • Easier navigation

  • Easier access to relevant information

  • Related Projects

  • augmented reality tourist guide available on all devices