Zumoko CAD DT – Model Detection And Tracking For HoloLens™

Zumoko CAD DT Model Detection and Tracking for Microsoft HoloLens is ready to use complex detection and tracking solution for development of advanced AR software for industrial instructions and maintenance use cases.

Zumoko CAD DT enables to identify the exact position of any 3D object based on its CAD model data, irrelevant of the color or texture of the object, purely relying on the geometry of the 3D object.

The problem we are solving:

Various manufacturing industries deal with a series of models, versions and locations with the high demand of production training or product clarification.

The increasing complexity of machining and production, and the amount of required product information are often challenging for industrial companies and their staff.

With Zumoko CAD DT technology – industry staff in service, logistics, and maintenance can better perform their tasks with both hands free and the complex information in front of their eyes.

How it Works:

First, the position of the physical device or machine is detected with Zumoko CAD DT, and then 3D virtual information can be added to the real object. The virtual UI menu is added to the real space, with virtual floating labels containing relevant information added to both real and virtual parts.

The virtual menu can be activated using predefined set of voice commands.

Zumoko CAD DT can be used for industrial maintenance and for industrial learning and instructions, user manuals and other user guides, as well as marketing and advertising of highly advanced technologies.

The Key Strength

Zumoko CAD DT does not rely on the color or texture information of the 3D object, but purely on the 3D geometry of the object. Technically, the key takeaway is the fact that Zumoko CAD DT can successfully detect and track 3D objects with specular surfaces (e.g. cars and metallic machine parts).

Tailored to Your Needs

Zumoko CAD DT is very well suited for different scenarios in the following industries:

  • Maintenance industry

  • Consumer electronics

  • Consumer devices

  • Industrial

  • Automotive

  • Industrial

  • Oil and gas industry

  • TelCo

  • Quality

  • Custom
    industrial parts

  • Cutting edge
    technology marketing

  • Shipbuilding