Augmented Reality in Tourism and Travel – Initiate Memorable Experiences

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Attract guests while they are planning a trip or tour

Convert the stressful travel planning into a fun experience. City maps, transportation schedules or street signs could be improved with virtual interaction visible through the phone camera. Knowing that tourists pay less attention to simple travel brochures, with augmented reality travel apps it is possible to present information on a new level with 3D animations. Searching for accommodation, transportation, restaurants or reviews can become an adventure in itself.

Travel Planning - Travel and Tourism with Augmented Reality

Travel Planning - Travel and Tourism with Augmented Reality

AR for a new level of hotel hospitality

Augmented reality travel apps provide unlimited opportunities to engage guests and drive bookings. Informational overlaid content displayed with videos, 360 tours, or even gaming interaction can motivate guests to check all-round room tours and engage with all your available services. You can impress your guests with AR indoor navigations showing a full spectrum of hotel services in an immersive but also in a user-friendly way.


Hotel Marketing -  augmented reality travel apps

Hotel Hospitality -  augmented reality travel apps

AR Restaurant Menu

Food and drink menu can also be displayed in a creative way, and easily turned into an advertising resource for social media. That could motivate a wider audience to have their own augmented experience at your restaurant with powerful positive word-of-mouth. Knowing that “after a full belly all is poetry” – with augmented reality travel apps you can entertain your customers while they are waiting for their order.


AR Restaurant - augmented reality travel apps

AR Menu - augmented reality travel apps

Sightseeing for fulfillment

Adding a layer of digital guidance, visual content, and even 3D characters for entertainment, to exact physical location, makes specific POI more informative and interactive for tourists. AR applications convert your mobile phone into your personal virtual tourist guide. AR technology enables you to receive captivating information while walking around. Additional AR content is also easily shareable on social media in real time, which also motivate tourists.


Dresden - augmented reality travel apps

Sightseeing- augmented reality travel apps

AR Storytelling

Travelers and exhibition visitors expect to hear and see interesting stories. Augmented reality travel apps allow you to display these stories through a combination of images and words. Let your tour guests see the events from the past in front of their eyes. Historical and cultural content in different languages can be integrated to create real-time visual adventures. Location and time could be used as markers for augmented reality technology, same as sculptures or paintings. Informative or other specific content will be delivered in the chosen format to the visitor’s smartphone on specific time or location.


AR storytelling - augmented reality travel apps

AR Storytelling Guide - augmented reality travel apps


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“It is the curse of every curious traveler - you're walking through a new town and you can sense the history, you can smell the restaurant, you can hear the train you're meant to catch, but you have no idea how to get there or discover more. Thank God for augmented reality.”
“It is true that traveling for ‘culture’ and visiting key historical sites and monuments remain very popular. Players across the industry, including cities, tourism boards, and museums are increasingly investing in apps that provide visitors with information and tips in order to plan and enjoy their trips.”

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