Zumoko CAD DT

Zumoko CAD Model Detection and Tracking for HoloLens™

Zumoko CAD Model Detection and Tracking (Zumoko CAD DT) is the world’s first solution for 3D object localization based on the CAD data input for Microsoft® HoloLens™. Zumoko CAD DT is an enabler technology that solves complex detection and tracking problems for industrial Augmented Reality use-cases, or any related business needs

Zumoko CAD DT can be used to detect the exact 3D position of any 3D object based on its CAD model data. Once the 3D position of the object is identified, any kind of virtual information becomes can be attached to the real object at the exact 3D location where this piece of information is needed. Zumoko CAD DT can be effectively deployed in development of advanced AR software for industrial instructions and maintenance use cases, high-level quality assurance, AR solutions for sales and after-sales use cases.

The key strength of Zumoko CAD DT is that it does not rely on the color or texture information of the 3D object, but purely on the 3D geometry of the object. Technically, the key takeaway is the fact that Zumoko CAD DT can successfully detect and track 3D objects with specular surfaces, e.g. cars and metallic machine parts.



  • Industrial maintenance
  • Quality assurance
  • Industrial instructions
  • Consumer devices user-guides
  • Cutting edge technology marketing


  • Maintenance industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Custom industrial parts
  • Consumer electronics

Key features


Robust 3D object detection and tracking algorithms

Tailored for best-in-class AR hardware

Pure geometry-based object localization

Engineered for industrial maintenance and quality assurance AR scenarios

Security standards compatibility (Windows® 10)






General application development flow